Google SERP Rich Snippet Simulator – New Meta Description Length

On December 2017 Google updated their Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and increased the title length and the meta description length.
See the difference between the old 2 line system before googles update and the new extended Meta Tag Description Length after 12/2017.

Googel Search Snippet before update

( Before Google Update )

( After Google Update )

Now its obviously clear for every SEO that the CTR will increase when your Rich Snippet is larger than your competitors Snippet.
Overall you got 2 more lines for free. Edit your Meta Description on your website and receive more traffic instant!
Most webmaster did not notice this huge new optimization potential what makes this information a real hidden gem !

You just need to optimize your Meta Description with our SERP Snippet Simulator.


Google SERP Snippet Preview Tool - Perfect Meta Description Length

What makes our tool so much better than any other Google Snippet Simulator?

Thats easy to answer:

  1. Updated to the latest Google Description Length & Title Tag Length
  2. Support of all meta tag description code variations ( lowercase/uppercase, property=“og:description tag)
  3. Supports SSL and GZIP compressioned websites
  4. Full UTF-8 support (Special characters like Chinese, Arabic etc.)
  5. User-friendly Design

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