List Status of Comment Database

Here you get an imagination of our link database. As you can see we have about 6 million urls in our database.
The database grows day by day. We can serve you with nearly unlimited backlinks.
That makes us the top supplier of fast and quality backlinks worldwide.

This list does not contain spammed blogs. Most packages have a max. OBL of 50.

MOZ DA/PA 10-20 MOZ DA/PA 20-30 MOZ DA/PA 30-40 MOZ DA/PA 40-50 MOZ DA/PA 50-60 MOZ DA/PA 60-70 MOZ DA/PA 70-80 MOZ DA/PA 80-90 MOZ DA/PA 90-100
MOZ DA 6.097.348 240.211 147.305 42.815 24.671 14.275 5.994 3.180 871 706
MOZ PA 6.411.447 133.726 26.330 4.575 762 528 7 7 0 0

Last Updated: Tuesday 29th of November 2016

MOZ DA= Domain Authority from root domain.
MOZ PA= Page Authority from the page on a domain we actually post to.

For example:

The Domain Authority (DA) would be the DA of
The Page Authority (PA) would be the PA of

If you have any further question feel free to contact us.