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Why You Should Buy Backlinks

It is really important to buy backlinks if you want to achieve a high search results ranking in google and it requires you, the website owner, to make your site as SEO friendly as possible while also creating engaging content that will make site visitors want to come back and check your page regularly. There are a number of factors that influence that ranking, one of which is the number of backlinks that you have. The whole google algorithm is based on links. This requires you to generate backlinks and make your site more popular. Newcomers are at a disadvantage in this system as the only way to organically generate backlinks is to be noticed by other website owners, but it is nearly impossible to get noticed if you’re stuck at the end of the search results list where no one ever looks. What is the best solution to this? To buy backlinks ! So thats why buying backlinks is your best bet to generate a steady flow of visitors and sales.

Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinks are links that direct people from one webpage to your webpage. Theoretically, more backlinks means more people are paying attention to you, more people are reading about your product or information. Thats the way of building some kind of a so called “reputation”. A site that has been linked to hundreds of times looks much more reputable than one that has no backlinks, so the former gets the higher ranking. However, it can be hard for a new business site or blog to generate these types of backlinks because they are unknown.

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Google Ranking Factors

There are a couple ways you could fix your lack of backlinks problem. You can work diligently at cultivating relationships with other website owners whose pages relate to yours. But this take a lot of time and this means a lot of money! Why should I spend hours and hours to the backlinking process by negotiating with other website owners and pay them a lot of cash? Or you can in some way or earn backlinks through commenting and engaging with other people’s sites constantly, but that can take a very long time and if you need to drum up business now, there is only one real option: buy backlinks.

Buy Backlinks to get ranked?

There are numerous services that offer backlinks at cheap prices. However, you must be careful when you choose a company to partner with, as obviously paid links and trash websites get caught by Google and penalized. We are on the market for years now and we have a huge reputation in the community. Take a look at all the great reviews we got. Link buying is a quick fix, a bandaid that will boost your rankings long enough to hopefully propel you to a respectable position on a search results list. Once there, your top ranking will bring more and more organic visitors to your site, many of whom have their own sites. Fill your website or blog with interesting and engaging content and while wowing visitors with that, do work behind the scenes to build more backlinks.

What kind of backlinks should I buy?

We can help you to get the goals you are set to. Thats why we developed an easy “Step by Step” guide you can follow. The process is very easy:

Follow these steps until you reach your targeted position!

  1. Start with buying 500 – 1,000 Links a week.
    Here is a short example on how to spread the links over a week:

    Monday: 100 Quality Web 2.0 Backlinks (€15)
    Tuesday: 50 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€8)
    Wednesday: 200 Quality Wiki Backlinks (€5)
    Thursday: 100 Quality Comment Backlinks (€5)
    Friday: 100 Dofollow Comment Backlinks (€10)
    Saturday: 50 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€8)
    Sunday: 100 Dofollow Web 2.0 Backlinks (€25)

    You will receive a nice mixture of dofollow / nofollow links and a good system diversification to start with.

    Do this until you reach about 2,000 Backlinks.
  2. Now you can additional buy 100-500 High PR Links a week. So combine Step 1 and 2 until you reach about 5,000 Backlinks
  3. Now it is time to buy some larger and more authority packages to drive some power to your domain.
    Monday: 200 High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€50)
    Tuesday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
    Wednesday: 200 Dofollow Wiki Backlinks (€70)
    Friday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
    Sunday: 100 Dofollow High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€45)

    This will result in a magnificent ranking boost.

  4. If you reach 10,000 Backlinks you can buy larger Packages of all types.

Every package can be scheduled! So it is possible to do the whole link building for a site at one day! Most pages will be rank#1 when you finished step 2.


Buying backlinks is a great idea as long as your site can stand on its own merit and content once it has been discovered by the masses due to your meteoric rise in the rankings. Buying backlinks allows you to increase the visibility of your site in a short amount of time and generates many more website viewers, and can ultimately allow you to cultivate a base of fans and a network of friendly, mutually-linking websites, but it is imperative that you present a stellar online presence to go with that high ranking.