Affiliate Program Re-Release !

We totally renewed the Affiliate Program at


  • Commission up to 40%
  • Commission structure changed to higher commissions
  • Cookie lifetime increased to 30 days (prior 7days)
  • Get commission for all sales a reffered members does for the first 30 days (prior 7 days)
  • Get 10% on top if you pay out in Credits
  • Redesign of commission tab


If you pay out your commission in Blackhatlinks Credit you get additional 10%!

Commission structures

We introduced new payout structures and higher comission rates.
If you pay out in Blackhatlinks Credits you get 10% on top!
Up to 40% is possible if you refer more than 10k sales a month and pay out in Credits.!

Monthly referred sales Comission %
0-500€  5%
501-1.500€ 10%
1.501-3.000€ 15%
3.001-5.000€ 20%
5.001-10.000€ 25%
>10.000€ 30%



  • Generate a new member and get a comission for all sales the new member does in the first 30 days. This also includes Credit loads.
    Example: A member registered after 25 days of cookie creation date and then purchase a credit package after another 25 days it will be credited to your affiliate balance.
    So in total you have a maximum referral timespan of 60 days!
  • Get a commission for all referred sales on non members.
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days.
  • Pay out to Paypal: up to 30%
  • Pay out to your Credit Balance gives you 10% extra.
  • Monthly pay outs.
  • Multiple accounts are prohibited.
  • No illegal actions like cookie stuffing etc. allowed

Redesign of commissions members area

We redesigned the commission tab at the members area. You now have History of commissions and pay outs.



If you have any questions feel free to contact us.