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Welcome to Blackhatlinks.com

Blackhatlinks.com - The best SEO Backlink Service worldwide !

Buy quality backlinks packages with incredible turn around times at affordable prices.

Most of the packages we offer have a turn around time of one hour because we automated the whole process (Order - Payment - Link Building - Reporting).
The automation is our secret to success. We served a lot of customers with powerful backlinks and helped them to get their sites ranked well to earn a lot of money.
Outsource your backlink building processes will save you a lot of time. Use this time to focus on your main business and earn a lot of extra money.

Who we are?

We run two dedicated 100mbit servers to scrape fresh and new URLs to serve your with the best backlinks you can get.
All the tools we use are written by the Blackhatlinks.com team. We can modify the tools to our customers' needs and guarantee the best quality.
There are so many link building services out there where you can buy backlinks. BUT all of them use just one static list of link sources over and over again.
The result: Backlinks from "spammed to death" domains and a google penalty.
Our URL database receives fresh URLs on a daily basis from our exclusive self-written bots.
For instance, the comment URL database has a current size of about 6 million URLs.
We work 24h / 365 days a year. The process from order to report is 100% automated to serve the fastest linkbuilding service ever.
We are your partner if you want to buy backlinks at the highest level you can get.

What do we offer?

We offer link building services for your homepages. You can choose between different packages.
Outsource your time consuming backlink processes to a well etablished backlink service.
Take a look at all the great reviews we got: Blackhatlinks.com Reviews

What makes this service more valueable compared to other backlink services?

Blackhatlinks.com is a very experienced SEO team.

The key features are:

  • Buy quality backlinks at afforable prices
  • 100% verified live links
  • Low OBL links (mostly max. 50 outbound links) -> high quality links (comments)
  • Copyscape passed articles and keyword related content (web 2.0 and wiki)
  • Free Indexification.com Submission to get links crawled by google (web 2.0 and wiki)
  • Tier2 links (web 2.0 and wiki)
  • One way backlinks
  • Unique domains
  • High link diversity
  • Unlimited URLs/keywords
  • Fast turn around time
  • Overdelivery by 15%
  • All languages are supported (Chinese, Greek, etc.)
  • Very detailed report. You can send it to your clients
  • Order Scheduling
  • Fast order delivery. Most of the time less than one hour
  • Multi URL and multi keyword support

We found the perfect way to rank new sites !!
Just follow this optimized and proven step by step instruction:

- Buy backlinks and follow these steps until you reach your targeted position! -

  1. Start with buying 500 - 1,000 Links a week and Social Signals.
    Here is a short example of how to spread the links over a week:

    First Day only: NEW 600 Monthly Social Signals (€69)
    Monday: 100 Quality Web 2.0 Backlinks (€15)
    Tuesday: NEW 75 Social Signals(€9)
    Wednesday: 200 Quality Wiki Backlinks (€5)
    Thursday: 100 Quality Comment Backlinks (€5)
    Friday: 100 Dofollow Comment Backlinks (€10)
    Saturday: 50 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€8)
    Sunday: 100 Dofollow Web 2.0 Backlinks (€25)

    You will receive a nice mixture of dofollow / nofollow links and a good system diversification to start with.
    Do this until you reach about 2,000 Backlinks.

  2. Now you can additional buy 100-500 High PR Links a week. So combine Step 1 and 2 until you reach about 5,000 Backlinks

  3. Now it is time to buy some larger and more authority packages to drive some power to your domain.
    Monday: 200 High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€50)
    Tuesday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
    Wednesday: 200 Dofollow Wiki Backlinks (€70)
    Thursday: NEW 500 Social Signals (€59)
    Friday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
    Sunday: 100 Dofollow High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€45)

    This will result in a magnificent ranking boost.

  4. If you reach 10,000 Backlinks you can buy backlinks at larger quantities of all types.

You can also schedule the packages for a whole month. Use the execution date at the order form to schedule your orders.
So you can set up and forget the link building for a whole month or even as long as you like to schedule to the future.

We are generating backlinks for thousands of clients. By now we are doing this for more than 3 years. In this time we fulfilled more than 50,000 orders.
Not a single client was disappointed by our services at all. Nearly all one time buyer became long time customer after they were amazed by their ranking increases.

If you want to buy links we are here to serve. Stay with the best to win the game !

If you have any questions regarding buying backlinks, please take a look at the FAQs (frequently asked questions) or
contact us through the Contact Form.

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