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Blackhatlinks.com Free Dofollow / Nofollow Link Checker

We are proud to release the Blackhatlinks.com Dofollow / Nofollow Link Checker to the public.

Now you can check your URLs if your link is set and if it has a nofollow or dofollow attribute.



Tutorial / Usage

  1. Load your URLs where your link was placed.
    You have two options:
    • Load URLs - Load a txt file with your urls. One Url per line.
    • Load URLs Multi Mode -Load your urls and posted sites. One "url/posted site" per line.
      Format: URL#posted site
      For Example: http://www.anyblog.com/?p=142#http://www.mydomain.com
      So the link checker verifies if http://www.mydomain.com
      could be found on http://www.anyblog.com/?p=142

  2. Put your "URL to check for" into the field. This is the url that the checker should look for.

  3. Press Start Button


If you have any questions, suggestions or improvements feel free to contact us.
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