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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How to rank a youtube video?
A: We recommend to use the Quality Comment Link Pakages. Buy 100 Low OBL Link every 2 days until you reach your targeted position.

Q: How much time do you need to process a order?
A: After your payment is complete, your order is automatically transferred to our servers to ensure a fast order handling. If we have no load on our servers we will process your order in 1 to 3 hours, depending on your order size. But we try to handle your order in 48 hours.
Q: How to use Blackhatlinks.com Services on brand new sites?

    Blackhatlinks.com advice:

    - Follow these steps until you reach your targeted position! -

    1. Start with buying 500 - 1,000 Links a week.
      Here is a short example on how to spread the links over a week:

      Monday: 100 Quality Web 2.0 Backlinks (€15)
      Tuesday: 50 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€8)
      Wednesday: 200 Quality Wiki Backlinks (€5)
      Thursday: 100 Quality Comment Backlinks (€5)
      Friday: 100 Dofollow Comment Backlinks (€10)
      Saturday: 50 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€8)
      Sunday: 100 Dofollow Web 2.0 Backlinks (€25)

      You will receive a nice mixture of dofollow / nofollow links and a good system diversification to start with.
      Do this until you reach about 2,000 Backlinks.

    2. Now you can additional buy 100-500 High PR Links a week. So combine Step 1 and 2 until you reach about 5,000 Backlinks

    3. Now it is time to buy some larger and more authority packages to drive some power to your domain.
      Monday: 200 High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€50)
      Tuesday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
      Wednesday: 200 Dofollow Wiki Backlinks (€70)
      Friday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
      Sunday: 100 Dofollow High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€45)

      This will result in a magnificent ranking boost.

    4. If you reach 10,000 Backlinks you can buy larger Packages of all types.

    You can also schedule the packages for a whole month. Use the execution date at the order form to schedule your orders.
    So you can set up and forget the link building for a whole month or even as long as you like to schedule to the future.

Q: How to avoid a Google Penguin penalty? (anchor diversification tips)
A: That is easy. Just use you url as keywords.And combine your url with your keywords.

For example if you have this website you want to rank for: http://www.dog-training.com

Anchor PercentageAnchor Example
20% raw full URLhttp://www.dog-training.com
20% domain + wwwwww.dog-training.com
20% raw domaindog-training.com
20% domain + keyword phrasedog-training.com where to find good dog trainer
20% domain + money keywords  dog-training.com dog training

Correct spintax for your order would be:
{http://www.dog-training.com|www.dog-training.com|dog-training.com|dog-training.com where to find a good dog trainer|dog-training.com dog trainer}

Q: What kind of Link Packet would you recommend to my site?
A: It is not possible to give a general answer to this question. How old is your site, how much backlinks do you actually have, how much backlinks do you get per month/day in average etc...
If you like to get a specified answer, please use the contact form before you order. We try to help you finding the right amount of backlinks for your custom needs.
Q: Which URLs will be arranged to my order?
A: The urls will be taken completely random from the database according to your Link Package.
Q: How much URLs can I use?
A: Unlimited if you use .txt file upload mode or you can use the URL field with up to 25,000 chars and spintax like {url1|url2|url3}.
Q: How much Keywords can I use?
A: Unlimited if you use .txt file upload mode or you can use the Keyword field with up to 25,000 chars and spintax like {keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}.
Q: How does the URLs and Keyword spintax be used?
A: There are two fields at the order form. One for URLs and one for Keywords.
The URLs and Keywords are chosen randomly.

For example:
URL field: {url1|url2|url3|url3|url4}
Keyword field: {keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}
will be:
<a href="url2">keyword1</a>
<a href="url4">keyword3</a>
<a href="url3">keyword1</a>
<a href="url4">keyword2</a>
<a href="ur1">keyword3</a>
<a href="url2">keyword1</a>
Q: Do I have to ping the received links?
A: No. There is no need to ping the links because the blog posts have already been indexed. Let google crawl your links naturally.
Q: Is it possible to schedule the links?
A: Yes. At the order form you can find a field "Execution Date". Set this date to the day you like the order to be processed.
Q: What is the Dofollow / Nofollow rate for comments?
A: Less than 5% are Dofollow. That is a quite good rate for Blog Comments. If you like higher dofollow rates go for the dofollow packages.
Q: If I buy High PR Links (Comments) is it Domain PR or Page PR?
A: Page PR.
Q: My site is banned by Akismet. Can you still provide this service?
A: Yes.

If you have any further question feel free to contact us.
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