Google PageRank is closed! Metrics as replacement

Google closed the Pagerank. You will not be able to check the Pagerank for any URL anymore. The Google Toolbar returns 0 for every site and all Google Pagerank checker will return 0 for every URL. So how to replace the Pagerank? We changed from Pagerank to the Metrics (DA and PA). Both are scored on a 100-point scale. If you divide them by 10 you got the “Pagerank” back. If a URL has a PA of 50 means it has a estimated Google Pagerank of 5. Domain Authority (DA) Domain Authority gives you the Domain Pagerank Page Authority (PA) Page Authority gives you the URL Pagerank You can check your DA and PA here: Open Site Explorer All further reports from will include the MOZ Metrics instead of Googles Pagerank.   Google Pagerank to MOZ DA / PA Pagerank DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority) 0 0-4 0-4 1 5-14 5-14 2 15-24 15-24 3 25-34 25-34 4 35-44 35-44 5 45-54 45-54 6 55-64 55-64 7 65-74 65-74 8 75-84 75-84 9 85-84 85-94 10 95-100 95-100

[NEW] Keyword List to Spintax Generator / Tool

Spintax Generator – Generate a spintax for free. We have added a nice little tool to generate spintax format from a keyword list. You can now generate the Spintax of your URLs or from a list of Keywords with just one click. Keyword List to Spintax Generator

Over 4000 fresh Domains added to Web 2.0 Blog Post Service

We just added more than 4000 fresh and unique domains to our Web 2.0 Blog Post Service. By adding Joomla platform to our Poster Software we are able to post to a lot more Domains than before. Try it out! You can find the Web 2.0 Service here: You can Choose between 4 differen packages: Quality Web 2.0 Dofollow Web 2.0 High PR Web 2.0 Dofollow High PR

New Social Signals Service

We just released the Social Signals packages. You can choose between a monthly subscription service or a one time package service. Note: Subscriptions can only be paid diretcly with paypal not with credits.   One Time Packages   Monthly Subscriptions Social Signals are the new way to go. You have serveral good reasons to use Social Signals: – No rist of a google penalty – 100% google panda and penguin safe! – Backlinks from highest metric sites (DA,PR,etc) like,, etc.. – Very detailed reporting – and many more.   We think you know what is to do. Grab your advantage now: Buy Social Signals

Affiliate Program Re-Release !

We totally renewed the Affiliate Program at Changelog: Commission up to 40% Commission structure changed to higher commissions Cookie lifetime increased to 30 days (prior 7days) Get commission for all sales a reffered members does for the first 30 days (prior 7 days) Get 10% on top if you pay out in Credits Redesign of commission tab   If you pay out your commission in Blackhatlinks Credit you get additional 10%! Commission structures We introduced new payout structures and higher comission rates. If you pay out in Blackhatlinks Credits you get 10% on top! Up to 40% is possible if you refer more than 10k sales a month and pay out in Credits.! Monthly referred sales Comission % 0-500€  5% 501-1.500€ 10% 1.501-3.000€ 15% 3.001-5.000€ 20% 5.001-10.000€ 25% >10.000€ 30%   Conditions: Generate a new member and get a comission for all sales the new member does in the first 30 days. This also includes Credit loads. Example: A member registered after 25 days of cookie creation date and then purchase a credit package after another 25 days it will be credited to your affiliate balance. So in total you have a maximum referral timespan of 60 days! Get a commission for all referred sales on non members. Cookie lifetime 30 days. Pay out to Paypal: up to 30% Pay out to your Credit Balance gives you 10% extra. Monthly pay outs. Multiple accounts are prohibited. No illegal actions like cookie stuffing etc. allowed Redesign of commissions members area We redesigned the commission tab at the members area. You now have History of commissions and pay outs. Screenshot:   If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Added more Reviews to

We just added some new reviews to the REVIEWS section. Now we have more than 130 positive Reviews. And we are really sure, that we missed a lot. If you like to leave your reply, please add to our Forum Threads or send us an email. Forums Threads: Blackhatworld: Warrior Forum: Best Blackhat Forum: IM Talk: CPA Elites: If you missing a Forum, please let us know. Thanks Cheers

New Content Scraper Algorithm for Web 2.0 Blog Posts

We recoded the whole process of article scraping for our Web 2.0 Blog Posts. Now we can serve you a much higher quality of articles. New things we added: We add Images to the articles We use another source for the content itself (more articles available here) We format the article with paragraphs We add H1,H2 headings with your keyword and a spinned sentence like “10 Tips How To Buy A Real Estate” All articles are copyscape passed and unique Google will really love these new articles! Happy ordering ! All Web 2.0 Blog Posts can be found here. Team

Buy Backlinks

Why You Should Buy Backlinks It is really important to buy backlinks if you want to achieve a high search results ranking in google and it requires you, the website owner, to make your site as SEO friendly as possible while also creating engaging content that will make site visitors want to come back and check your page regularly. There are a number of factors that influence that ranking, one of which is the number of backlinks that you have. The whole google algorithm is based on links. This requires you to generate backlinks and make your site more popular. Newcomers are at a disadvantage in this system as the only way to organically generate backlinks is to be noticed by other website owners, but it is nearly impossible to get noticed if you’re stuck at the end of the search results list where no one ever looks. What is the best solution to this? To buy backlinks ! So thats why buying backlinks is your best bet to generate a steady flow of visitors and sales. Why are backlinks so important? Backlinks are links that direct people from one webpage to your webpage. Theoretically, more backlinks means more people are paying attention to you, more people are reading about your product or information. Thats the way of building some kind of a so called “reputation”. A site that has been linked to hundreds of times looks much more reputable than one that has no backlinks, so the former gets the higher ranking. However, it can be hard for a new business site or blog to generate these types of backlinks because they are unknown. There are a couple ways you could fix your lack of backlinks problem. You can work diligently at cultivating relationships with other website owners whose
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