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Useful information on our Backlink Service

How did the penguin update influenced linkbuilding and how to avoid penalties?

Google release the Penguin Update at April 2012. The update punished sites with a low anchor text diversity.
So it is easy to avoid the penalty with a large range of generic anchor texts like click here, here, www, homepage etc..
Blackhatlinks.com released a list of generic anchor texts: Generic Anchor Texts List
When you order use a minimum of 30% generic anchor texts from that list and your moneykeywords plus longtail keywords (similiar keywords to your main money keyword).

How to use the Blackhatlinks.com service on brand new sites?

Many customer asks how they should use the Blackhatlinks.com services on a brand new site?

Blackhatlinks.com advice:

- Follow these steps until you reach your targeted position! -

  1. Start with buying 500 - 1,000 Links a week and Social Signals.
    Here is a short example on how to spread the links over a week:

    First Day only: NEW 600 Monthly Social Signals (€69)
    Monday: 100 Quality Web 2.0 Backlinks (€15)
    Tuesday: NEW 75 Social Signals(€9)
    Wednesday: 200 Quality Wiki Backlinks (€5)
    Thursday: 100 Quality Comment Backlinks (€5)
    Friday: 100 Dofollow Comment Backlinks (€10)
    Saturday: 50 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€8)
    Sunday: 100 Dofollow Web 2.0 Backlinks (€25)

    You will receive a nice mixture of dofollow / nofollow links and a good system diversification to start with.
    Do this until you reach about 2,000 Backlinks.

  2. Now you can additional buy 100-500 High PR Links a week. So combine Step 1 and 2 until you reach about 5,000 Backlinks

  3. Now it is time to buy some larger and more authority packages to drive some power to your domain.
    Monday: 200 High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€50)
    Tuesday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
    Wednesday: 200 Dofollow Wiki Backlinks (€70)
    Thursday: NEW 500 Social Signals (€59)
    Friday: 100 Dofollow High PR Comment Backlinks (€75)
    Saturday: 100 Quality Bookmark Backlinks (€12)
    Sunday: 100 Dofollow High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks (€45)

    This will result in a magnificent ranking boost.

  4. If you reach 10,000 Backlinks you can buy larger Packages of all types.

You can also schedule the packages for a whole month. Use the execution date at the order form to schedule your orders.
So you can set up and forget the link building for a whole month or even as long as you like to schedule to the future.

General Link Building information

Most times people are careful with link buying and link services.
But we offer link packages of every size to suit the custom needs of every client.

Here is an example of googles standard procedure after a client uses our backlink service.

(Yes, thats real data from a real website to a midterm competition keyword)

Start building backlinks
Above you can see that with the start of a blast google decreases the ranking of a page. That is absolutely usual.

Sometimes sites completly disappear from the google index. But as you can see it will come back stronger!

Googles rearrangement
Now google takes a look at the amount and quality of the new backlinks and tries to rearrange the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
Because of your nice new backlinks google gives your site a higher ranking.

So what do we learn from that real example?
Don't be sad if your site went back in google after you run our Backlink Service. It will come back with a stronger ranking.
That could take some days, some week or even a month. Just depends on the size of new links, the general situation of your site and even on the competition of your keyword.

With the Blackhatlinks.com Backlink Service you get quality links. Thats because we do not comment on "spammed to death" sites.
We use low OBLs blogs with a maximum external links of 50.
All links are guaranteed live. That means, we check each link we build for you if it is visible on the commented page and if it is crawlable for search engines.
So the amount of backlinks you buy is the amount of backlinks you get plus a 15% overdelivery.
Even if some links disappear you will get what you have ordered!.

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